No matter where you’re reading this from, middle of the night or early morning, we are now connected.

I’m Eva, thirty-something, mom of two little boys and based in Belgium in a quiet little town. Life treats me well so I enjoy it to the fullest.

I’m a creative little soul and addicted to art, in all senses of the word. Studied acting and music as a teenager and continued to explore the world of art ever since. Started blogging 3 years ago and excited to kick off this brand new blog. Lookin’ forward to share my love for fashion w/ you, to show you what’s in my make-up bag, to introduce you to my lifestyle,..

Fashion rules? I prefer to break them instead of following them. Always flirting with that fine line and that’s how I developped my own little style. By the way, I’m also a Fashion stylist, my portfolio will be online soon. Available for women and men, and for all kind of occasions.

Collaborations? Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for your visit and I hope you’ll enjoy my little blog!

XXX, Eva